• Veena Maheshwari

Printing and Distributing: Sell Your Book Right!

Printing has always been about technology, but what happened in the ’80s was dramatic for two reasons. Firstly, the costly aspects of typesetting and imaging plummeted when pre-press work shifted from hardware to software. But more importantly, all these innovations were put together to create printing on demand. Printing exactly what you want, in any quantity you want, to sell to whomever wants to buy it immediately, is now your unprecedented opportunity as a self-published author.

How Can Print On Demand Be Useful?

With on demand printing, offset printing has started declining in its prominence. There are different companies who offer this type of printing which suits their audiences. Especially, if the book is on a niche oriented topic and having them printed and stored in bulk can be tricky. And when it comes to distribution, if the publisher/ agency you have tied up with have a good knowledge about your niche market, they can get your book cataloged in world's best lists which gives you access to best bookstores and online vendors.

Choose Your Own Design

The design has to fit within the specifications of the printer you are working with. Most self-publishing services have limited trim sizes that you need to stick with. These sizes cover most of the standard book sizes you’ll need. You have the complete authority to approve the design and the proof before starting the printing process.

Self Publishing and Digital Age

Many authors believe that self publishing is very expensive and useless. They often trash talk about the publishing companies that charge money to get their manuscript see the daylight. The cost incurred is usually just the production costs which traditional publishing units incur themselves and get their profits from the actual book sales. When it comes to self publishing units, in a digital age, it is far more easy to make a lot of income from an eBook written about a particular topic in which you are an expert. eBook is the best way to build a passive income which means you only pay for the production of the book once and get profits from it as long as it exists in markets and people are reading it.

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