• Veena Maheshwari

How does one go about the process of self-publishing?

If you have a great idea for a book and good writing skills, you can have a book professionally published and made available to the general public. The process is called self-publishing and it’s an involved project. The following are the major steps involved with the self-publishing process. The type of book, your time and financial commitment, and the publishing process used will affect the order and time it takes for to you complete these main steps:

  1. Develop an awesome book idea.

  2. Research the idea to make sure that it’s viable as a full-length book.

  3. Define your target audience.

  4. Create a detailed outline for the book’s content.

  5. Research the book’s potential content.

  6. Write the manuscript.

  7. Establish your publishing company (if applicable).

  8. Have the manuscript edited.

  9. Choose a self-publishing option, such as offset printing or Print-On-Demand (POD), and then hire a printer and/or publisher.

  10. Apply for an ISBN, copyright, and other book-specific information, if necessary (this step may be handled for you, depending on the publishing process you choose and the company you work with).

  11. Set the cover price for your book.

  12. Select a publication date.

  13. Have the manuscript’s interior pages designed and laid out.

  14. Hire a graphic designer to create your book’s front and back covers.

  15. Develop press materials for your book.

  16. Plan and implement a comprehensive marketing, public relations, and advertising campaign.

  17. Develop a Website to promote your book.

  18. Begin pre-selling your book (pre-selling includes sending out press materials, promoting the book to distributors, lining up booksellers to sell the book, taking out ads, and so on).

  19. Have your book listed with online retailers.

  20. Publish the book and ship it to consumers, booksellers, retailers, and distributors (as appropriate).

  21. Continue promoting and marketing your book as you take orders.

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