Veena Maheshwari, Founder|CEO


SciMysFic came into existence with a sole purpose and that was to bring independence in the world of writing.
I, Veena Maheshwari (Founder/CEO) started out as any other author out there and hoped to win some big time publishing contract with a traditional publisher but I took a hard blow when the process went out for months and I was not even sure if they will be publishing my work. When they finally reverted back, they asked me to giveaway all the rights to my book as they were going to make a lot of changes which was never my intention for the book.
I wrote an anthology instead keeping my novel aside to test out if I could do this on my own and to my surprise, I had my answer. And SciMysFic Publishing House was born for empowering every author out there who wants their book to be released exactly how they want.
Having control over your creation is something liberating, everyone should try sometime!


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